Must visit: Last and the largest forest of Europe

Must visit: Last and the largest forest of Europe

The human race has taken over the natural habitat of animals all over the earth drastically to satiate their own needs. In such a scenario, I found myself got really lucky when I visited one of the largest remaining forests in Europe called Białowieża forest. The forest is spread over 3,085 km2 area between Poland and Belarus and has got the border between these two countries running through it which is available for hikers and cyclists to cross. Isn’t it interesting?

Białowieża forest is the home for Europe’s largest mammal called Bison and one can often spot them and other animals and birds in their natural habitat which is enriched with such flora and fauna that has mainly disappeared from the European mainland.

Deer in Białowieża forest

One can also try Bison meat here; though it wasn’t very appealing to my taste buds but it is worth trying and strongly recommended for an experience. The major source of income for forest authorities comes from organized hunting expeditions for which tourists across the globe turn up in huge numbers. The shooter can kill only an old bison which apparently gets separated from its herd but the animal should be killed in one shot.

Bison in Białowieża forest

In past, Russian Tzars used to come to this place on hunting expeditions and the summer houses of them can still be seen in the forest.

Tzar’s summer hunting palace

Białowieża, which was designated a Unesco World Heritage is home to 20,000 animal species and tall trees like Fir, Oak and Ashes which are as high as 50 meters (160ft.)

Unfortunately, the Europe’s most valuable and heritage site Białowieża forest is in danger as Poland has started logging this ancient natural habitat. Many protests and movements have been on to protect this site ever since the government has decided to destruct this vast forest. What will ultimately happen will be a matter to watch in the future, however, I would strongly recommend forest lovers to visit this forest if you are in Europe. As this is the last and largest forest remaining in European Plain and should not be missed seeing at any cost before it’s taken over by tall buildings and big industries.

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