Top 5 upcoming European destinations in 2017

Top 5 upcoming European destinations in 2017

5 – Poland

Poland is a country of 1000-year-old history, rich traditions, and abundant cultural heritage.
A country gifted with mountains, sea, lakes and forest. In addition, Poland’s UNESCO sites and World War 2 history makes this country a great travel destination.

Neptun Fountain, Gdansk

Malbork Castle

Lake in Tatra mountains

4 – Estonia

For the last few years, Estonia demonstrated big economic and infrastructure growth which has placed it as a top tourist destination.
Around 75% of the country is forest and bogs and 22% of the land is a nature reserve. This makes Estonia an amazing place for nature lovers and adventurers.

In winter one can go skiing, explore islands on Finnish sleigh and do ice-skating in the bay. In summer active holidays as hiking, biking, canoeing, etc are extremely popular.

And no one can miss Tallinn which has one of the most beautiful medieval old town in Europe.

Kasmu Penninsula, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

3 – Montenegro

Montenegro has mountains in the north and stunning sea cost in the south. The coastal regions of Montenegro are considered as one of the greatest new “discoveries” among world tourists. The Government of Montenegro has set up a goal to make tourism a major contributor to the local economy. Numerous numbers of beautiful cities with one of its kind architecture, resorts, and amazing mountains give Montenegro the greatest potential to attract future investments and become a premium tourist spot.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro

Dobrota Bay, Montenegro

Dobrota Bay, Montenegro

2 – Romania

A country rich with a mountain range, green forests, hiking and ski trails, waterfalls, mud volcanoes, salt mine and other nature wonders.

Beside that Romania is famous for its medieval towns and amazing castles and churches with full of mystic stories. Who has not heard about Dracula?

It has a huge potential to become the best European travel destinations.

Orsova, Romania

Orsova, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

1 – Georgia

A country of medieval architecture, unique culture, and stunning scenery.

Amazing Southern Caucasus mountains is full of beautiful valleys with spectacular landscapes, vineyards, villages ancient churches and towers. This area is perfect for hikers, horse riders, and skiers.

Snow-encrusted summits descend into vast valleys, where age-old villages are dotted with ancient churches and watchtowers, between rolling vineyards.

For the last few years, Georgia has developed a lot. The infrastructure has improved, cheap flights have started flying and a lot of news cafes and restaurants have come up. Together with unique nature and culture, Georgia is expected to see a boom in the travel industry in 2017.



Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Caucasus, Georgia

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