The best places to see in Baku and nearby, Azerbaijan

The best places to see in Baku and nearby, Azerbaijan

I loved visiting Azerbaijan – a land with rich nature and history. So, in this post, I would like to share the most attractive places to visit in and around Baku.

Baku – capital of Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

“Little Venice”

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful locations of the Seaside National Park in Baku. This place is a kind of imitation of Italy’s Venice that creates exceptional beauty to the capital of Azerbaijan with its wonderful canals and architecture. You can take a 20 minutes gondola ride through these channels and experience its beauty by yourself.

Photo: Emil Akberli

Photo: Elchin Huseynov

Heydar Aliyev Center

The building was protected by world known architect Zaha Hadid, who created few magnificent buildings. In Baku, one looks like a wave or sail. The building is currently a Heydar Aliyev exhibitions center dedicated to various topics. Furthermore, this is a very unique place with a special atmosphere you should feel. So, just for the sake of seeing this center or attending its exhibitions this place will always find fans among visitors.

Photo: Hufton+Crow

Icheri Sheher

Icheri Sheher is the oldest part of Baku and is surrounded by fortification walls dating back to the 9th century. In addition, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There you will find amazing architectural sights all over this protected quarter of the city. You should stroll around Icheri Sheher not just for the architecture but also for checking the handiworks, such as ceramics, as well as textiles like carpets and traditional Azerbaijan national clothes.

Shirvanshah Palace

This palace located behind the city walls of Icheri Sheher and is just one of the oldest symbols of Baku. In 2000 it was inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and was concerned to the leading museums of the Republic.
Now the complex – Shirvanshah palace includes the main building, Diwan Khana, The Mausoleum, The Palace Mosque and The Palace Bathhouse.

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is one the top tourist attraction in the city, and it is famous for its design and the stories that surround it. As a Shirvanshah Palace, the Maiden Tower is also a part of old city center. It had to be built originally in 12 century on the sea cost and serve as a watchtower, but the construction was postponed, and the tower was built many years later. Maiden tower shows on the currency notes and considers a major historical attraction.


Yarnadag in translation means “burning mountain” as the hills here appear to be permanently ablaze due to the gas deposits under the surface of the sandstone found here. This happens because oil oozes from the earth, and natural gas breaks out like flaming torches. The best time to observe this phenomenon is in the evening when the flames are most clearly visible. Moreover, in the area, you can find few tea shops where you can sit in comfort and watch the spectacular phenomena as you sip a local drink.

Fire Temple

The Temple of Eternal Fire calls Ateshgah – is an authentic Azerbaijani site. It is located 30 km from the center of Baku on the outskirts of Surakhany. The Temple stands on the location of a natural gas vent that was sacred to Zoroastrians for centuries. But withing decades after the first flame extinguished in 1969 the gas stopped coming there, so nowadays the temple’s fire is fed by mains gas piping.

Absheron National Park

This Park located in the Azizbeyov region of the city of Baku. Absheron National Park spans almost 800 hectares of protected land and is a great place to come to witness the incredible flora and fauna of Azerbaijan. The mild hot climate of semi-desert and dry heathens prevails in the territory. There, you can observe a life of gazelles, birds, jackals, badgers and Caspian seals as well.  Seals considered to be very popular for tourists, so if you want to take a pictureof them you need to visit this National Park from September onwards.

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