Story of Polish Craft Beer

Story of Polish Craft Beer

Beer is a proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

– said/unsaid by Benjamin Franklin

And those who want to be happier often like to explore its best form.  Therefore, in my search of absolute happiness I, Oliver Mathew became brewer by profession.  Being a brewer, I strongly believe that in depth tour about local craft beers is the best way to travel through the history of that particular place or region.

Here I would like to brief I recently got “curious about beer” friends about what exactly craft beer is. Craft beer is a beer made by a brewer that is small, independent and traditional. As the sentence suggests, craft beers are not manufactured by known brands in a big plant and rather made in a traditional way by local brewers independently.

I moved to Poland a year ago and since then I have been closely involved in Polish craft beer movement which is still in its nascent stage but getting momentum really fast. The country is loaded within numerous pubs and clubs that offer Polish craft beers and there are many dedicated craft beer breweries where one can go and experience the formation of those beers. Some of these breweries also produce good IPA (Indian Pale Ale) among other styles. 

Widawa Black Summer Ale
So, for all beer lovers here I am sharing some of the best craft beer breweries where you can get a hand on experience during the well-informed journey. Also, I would like to mention here that I myself have been a Brewmaster on beer trail. For those who don’t know about beer trail, Brewmaster himself being your guide educate you about beer making, right from selecting ingredients to fermenting process and during your tour also helps you pairing beer with food as per your taste and expectations.

On my recent trip to the city of Poznan, I got a chance to try some amazingly good craft beers (that gave me an idea about the vastness of craft beer culture throughout the country, in fact, all over Europe) and through my place recommendations from all over the Poland, I would like to show you just a trailer of what Polish craft beers are all about. So, here’s the list:

This is one of the best places to try craft beers. Here you can find different variety of beers ranging from the lightest alcohol content (~4.5) to strongest – 20.

This is a good place to be visited in Wroclaw that will also give you a brief stint with Polish history.


The capital city of Warsaw is blessed with multiple craft beer pubs too 😉 One of those is this one that offers great atmosphere too.

This place has a very friendly environment to offer with quite talkative brewers as well. Here you can taste beers such as Brown Ale- Hazelnut, Russian Stout, Michael Jackson with 50 IBU and light Zancy Zalcman.

In this one, you can enjoy lip-smacking food along with as much as 20 different craft beers.

Last but not the least, this place too is worth to visit for beer lovers like you and me.

If you are visiting Poland and you are a beer lover like me than I am sure you would like to visit some of these places to have an experience of its own kind. Keep sipping and enjoying. 

The wise son brings joy to his father, but the wiser son brings beer.

– Mad Mordigan

 If you are interested in doing a Polish beer trail then click here for more details.

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I first brew wine at the age of 8, helping my grandmother brew wine which eventually lead me to choosing my Career path of being a Craft brewer. The journey of Passion of creation continues as now trying to become a passionate Entrepreneur.

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