Hiking on the Mullerthal Trail (Little Switzerland of Luxembourg)

Hiking on the Mullerthal Trail (Little Switzerland of Luxembourg)

Being a hiking lover, I go for it whenever I get a chance to. Of the entire place I have been on my hiking expedition, a place called Mullerthal Trail which is also famously known as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is my absolute favorite. The place is called Little Switzerland because of its beautiful hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. Though, I personally believe that the place has much more to offer than Switzerland. The place has an amazing composition of the rock and soil erosion that makes the landscape of this beautiful place truly unique.

The Mullerthal Trail takes the hiker through 112 kilometers of the magnificent valley which consist of three big tracks. Route 1 and 2 take the hikers through the city of Echternach where the cultural and historic highlights of the region are concentrated, whereas, Route 3 takes one through beautiful stream valleys and romantic castles. All the three routes pass through beautiful forests and pastures and offer spectacular rock formations to hikers. One can experience the natural setting of every rock formation and a plethora of breathtaking panoramas. Therefore, walking on this trail is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The path that really stands out is between Beufort and Ecternach. It’s around 12 kilometers of hiking route that takes around two to three hours and the path takes you through wonderful landscapes. Beufort also has a small medieval fort (as the name suggest) which is worth visiting. It offers some very interesting places to stay in a camping ground next to the river, a modern hostel or good hotels in ancient buildings.

I like this region so much that I have been here three times as of now and every time I discover something and interesting to do. I highly recommend this place for anyone who loves hiking and nature both.

The trail has also been felicitated with the label of “Leading quality trails- Best of Europe.” So, if you are in Europe, just pack your bags and go for hiking to this amazing trail.


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