Climbing the Tatra mountains

Climbing the Tatra mountains

This has been my 6th trip to Tatra mountains, and I went climbing Świnica. Świnica is the 2nd highest peak of Polish Tatra – although not a technical climb, it’s still not for beginners. One need some preparation, clothes, courage and energy 🙂

The Tatra Mountains are part of the Carpathian Range and run across the Polish-Slovakian border. This beautiful area is geographically diverse and offers a broad range of recreational activities in all seasons. During summer the granite peaks are not only a paradise for hikers but also climbers. There are various trials hikers and climbers can choose based on their skills. Surrounded by picturesque valleys with the view of numerous lakes, the beauty in unmatched.

Lakes in tatra mountains

One of the 5 lakes in Lake Valley (Polish side)

Hike to Kasprowy Wierch

Beautiful view on Tatra mountains

Part of the trail to Swinica and Kozi Wierzch

The climb to Świnica took like 5 hours. We started the day from Kasprowy Wierch. There were moments when I was not sure if I could do it but just decided to go ahead because there was no other option. Going back was definitely not in the cards.

Climb to Swinica Tatra Poland

Climb to Swinica. Tatra, Poland


Although when you reach the view from the top is just majestic and it makes worth doing this climb.

Along the routes in Tatra, you may come across streams with fresh cold water (the water is so tasty up there) and few mountain shelters, where you can have a good filling lunch for a very cheap price. It was a good surprise for me. Some of them are located next to the lakes, so you make have some rest and enjoy wonderful landscapes.

A view from top in Tatra

A view from the top in Tatra

One of the numerous lakes in Polish Tatra

That day was surprisingly quite a lot of people on the trail. As for the hot August, the weather was great, as the day before was rainy. But in my case, wet rocks and slippery sneakers brought more fun to my adventure.  I was too busy with accomplishing the climb, so didn’t manage to make enough pictures to share with you.  Below are the couple of pics, I took from the internet.

Parts of the climb to Swinica – taken from

Taken from

In winter, these mountains convert to skiing resorts while more experienced climbers and hikers can still enjoy the pristine mountains.

Tatra hike in winter

Tatra hike in winter (From my hike in 2015)

(All pictures except mentioned in this post are taken by the author and copyright owned by @Cultree)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Have a good hike!

If you are interested in visiting Tatra mountains, please visit here for more details.


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  1. Borek Seehak at 11:34 am

    Nice article,

    I have been hiking and guiding in HighTatras(and generally Slovak mountains) for many years. Slovakia is small country but offers great opportunity for climbers, hikers and wildlife lovers.
    Western Tatras is great hiking area in nice weather and Belianske Tatras near polish border offer great hiking trails and fascinating wildlife(including wolf and brown bears) and unique flora with many endemics. One of my nest hiking trips is hut-to.hut trip from Tatranska Javorina over Tatranska Magistrala, climb to highest peak of Tatras(Gerlach peak) finishing in highest hut and one of the most beautiful place in Tatras- Rysy Hut. I usually prefer to come in September and October. It is usually cooler but great colors. I love Tatras very much.

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