Why Central and Eastern Europe is a good destination for female travelers?

Why Central and Eastern Europe is a good destination for female travelers?

Central and Eastern Europe is still not a very desirable destination for travel. It is changing recently but people still prefer France, Great Britain or Spain. Undoubtedly, each of these countries is worth visiting. However, today I would like to show you why Baltic countries, Poland, Hungary and other are great places to visit, especially if you are a woman.

It is one of the safest

Believe it or not Warsaw, Vilnius or Budapest are much safer and friendlier places than Paris, London or Rome. Research shows that the number of crimes in Great Britain is almost twice as high as in Poland or Hungary. In France, the situation is a bit better but still, the probability of being a victim of a crime is greater than in these countries. However, just make sure you know about popular scams and problem areas within the city you’re planning to travel. For example in Warsaw avoid Praga district, in Budapest – central part of the 8-th district. If you don’t know which places are not safe, ask the locals.

Mała street in Warsaw (Praga district). Photo made by Adrian Grycuk CC BY-SA 3.0




The price is very reasonable

Accommodation, domestic travel, and food are the most expensive part of your traveling. I am sure that prices in Central & Eastern Europe will positively surprise you. Do you know how much you will pay for Uber from Warsaw Chopin Airport to the city center? It costs no more than 10 euros. In comparison, you will pay six times more for the taxi drive from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Eiffel tower. If you take public transport you will pay about 1 euro in Budapest, Krakow or Vilnius, while in London at least 10 euros.

As you see, the difference is huge. Let’s consider the price of dinner in a good restaurant. In one of the best restaurant with delicious Polish cuisine in Warsaw, you will pay about 30 euro for a two-course meal. In a restaurant on the same level in Paris, a dinner will cost you about 150 euro.

In Central or Eastern part of Europe, you can even travel very luxuriously if you spend a bit more that is not possible in most Western European countries.

The street market in Budapest. Photo made by Jorge Franganillo CC 2.0

Racism or curiosity?

It is said that Poland or Hungary are racist countries. Therefore, you can be worried that being alone will make you a target, especially if the color of skin is darker. Is that justified?

I don’t think so, particularly if you are a woman. Of course, I notice racist comments on the websites, graffiti on the walls and racist attacks in Poland or other countries. However, racist attacks happen everywhere. Statistically, in Central and Eastern parts of the Europe, they happen less often than in France or Great Britain.

However, you have to be aware that you will constantly get unwanted attention, and for example, people will stare at you. Are they rude? Should you be frightened or offended? No, not at all.

Societies in Central Eastern Europe are homogenous so people who look different, especially women, are interesting for locals. So, paradoxically, your appearance can increase your safety because you will be much more visible.

Traditional dance in Polonezköy Kiraz Festival. Photo made by Nevit CC 3.0

I hope that some of these points make you consider coming to the Eastern part of Europe. Apart from the advantages that I mentioned, you will find amazing places, unique culture, great activities, old beautiful monuments and wild nature that does not exist elsewhere in Europe. Moreover, this part of Europe is not as crowded by tourists as the main destinations of Western Europe so you could visit them in peace.

Alexander Nevsky church in Sofia. Photo made by focuzbg CC0

Bled lake (Slovenia) by Walkerssk CC0

Zagreb (Croatia)

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  1. alisonrost at 12:07 am

    I couldn’t believe it when I read the number of crimes in Great Britain is almost twice as high as in Poland or Hungary! How easy is it to assume that because a place feels more like something you’re used to that it’s safer. ps: The photo of Bled Lake is absolutely stunning x

  2. raisingyourpetsnaturally at 12:14 am

    OK This sounds like a great vacation spot! Safety is always nice, especially for a female traveler.

  3. elenasts at 7:11 pm

    I live in Eastern Europe and I can say that people are really welcoming and it is safe for female travelers as well. On the other hand there are plenty of places that are worth the visit.

  4. Dogvills at 12:14 am

    These are all lovely places to visit. It is a known fact that hoards of tourists visit Great Britain, but they are missing out on more beautiful, less crowded places in Eastern Europe. Your photos are stunning! They made want to hop on a plane asap.

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